Home and Personal Care Products

I suggest buying most Supplements directly from the manufacturer or a trusted source because there have been many reports of knockoffs being sold on platforms such as Amazon.


Thorne Research 

I really like many of Thorne’s products. Most are free of excessive fillers and the top allergens.  You can set up a subscription and you get a discount along with free shipping. Vitamin D/K2 and Magnesium Citramate are two of my Thorne favorites.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C is the only supplement that I still buy on Amazon. I haven’t had a problem with the quality and I love that this formula causes less gastric upset. On top of that, it’s liposomal which allows it to be better absorbed, which makes more of the vitamin C available for your body to use. 

Household Cleaning – Thieves Cleaner

These cleaning products are great non-toxic, concentrated alternatives for toxic cleaners. 

Thieves Veggie Wash

This a great non-toxic veggie wash that’s concentrated, smells great, and will go a long way.

Bon Ami – All Natural Powder Cleanser

Bon Ami is a great unscented scouring powder!

Facial Moisturizer

This cream softens, repairs and reverses damage with healing anti-aging ingredients. Perfect for all skin types.

Eye Cream Moisturizer

This is loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients designed to address Crowes Feet, Wrinkles and Dry Skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of early aging. Keeping the skin around your eyes moisturized is one of the best ways to avoid wrinkles & fine lines.

Piper Wai Natural Deodorant

Piper Wai is the only aluminum free deodorant that I could find that wouldn’t irritate my skin. It works great too!

Mineral Fusion Foundation

I love that most Mineral Fusion products are EWG verified. You can’t get a better rating for non-toxic than that!

Water and Air Quality Products

Austin Healthmate Air Purifier

Did you know that the pollution inside our homes can be worse than outside? This is a  great air purifier that can cut back on the toxins and allergens in your home.

IQair Purifier

Another high quality Air purifier that I use is IQair. While the filter prices may be more money than the Austin Air, the IQair is a great quality machine and you can also purchase a whole house system to put onto the furnace.

APEC Water Systems

EWG’s Tap Water Database – 2021 Update shows the sad state of the tap water in the United States.

This is the under the counter filtering system that I have used. The water tastes great too!


These are links to services that I am affiliated with. These are great tools that can help you in your journey to improve your health and wellbeing.


  • Meals and Recipes**: Alissa Segersten is top notch! Nourishing Meals is her platform where you can obtain recipes based on your particular dietary needs.  Add recipes to the calendar and build your shopping list automatically. This is a wonderful search and organizing tool for anyone navigating new dietary journeys. 
  • Green Smoothie Girl**: Robyn Openshaw has great learning programs for those who wish to eat mostly plant based whole foods: Heal Inflammation Program, Heal Your GutEat Healthy for Cheap

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