Hi, I’m Cindy!

I am a Certified Functional Health Coach. My mission is to reach as many people as possible with the goal of giving them the basic knowledge of functional medicine, what it is, and how it can help with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, and a host of other chronic health conditions.

I want those who suffer from conditions like these, to see that it is possible to achieve better health and wellness! With that in mind, I have developed affordable tools for you to use on your wellness journey, such as a book, workbook, and courses.

My Story and

My Breaking Point

What is going on here? Why am I sleeping all of the time? How can I be a good mom if I can’t get off the couch or out of bed? How can I fulfill the obligations I have for my family and my spiritual volunteer commitments?

These are the questions that I was asking myself in 2016. I was dragging myself through life and this wasn’t the first time, I had been chronically ill for decades, but this time it was worse. I was plagued with chronic pain in my neck, back, shoulders, and hips. I was not sleeping well at night and I couldn’t get off the couch during the day. At times, I was gasping for air! I was struggling to breathe! It was as if, at moments, my lungs had a mind of their own and were forgetting to breathe. In my mind, I was saying, “What if I stop breathing in my sleep?” “Is this how I want to go out?”

This was when functional medicine came into my life. Although, being a registered nurse for decades, I finally had the information to be empowered to gain control of my health and ability to function in a way that I can enjoy my life to a fuller degree! I have been able to greatly improve my ability to function and be healthy. The process of feeling better has been like peeling away the layers of an onion. Layer by layer I am able to function better. 

I can now go through the day without having to take a nap. I sleep pretty good and I gradually lost 50 pounds by 2021. And most exciting is my ability to run with my dog and not experience any pain! We are not talking about marathons here… just sprinting at the park! But at 55, I can do it again and without pain. I feel better than I have in decades! I still have challenges that I need to address, however. But, by sticking with the mentality of this being a journey, instead of a quick fix, I have found the key to overcoming obstacles that prevent me from optimizing my ability to live and function successfully.


Associates of Applied Science
William Rainey Harper College

Functional Health Coach Certification
The Institute For Functional Health Coaching